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The Easiest Way to Make More in Real Estate

Learning how to make more in real estate takes time and commitment, but research shows there’s an easy way to increase your earnings: be happy. If it sounds too simple, it’s not. We surveyed brokers across North Carolina to uncover how they earn money…

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How to Build a Real Estate Concierge-Level Vendor List

Are you looking to take your North Carolina real estate business to the next level? Wowing your clients with concierge-level service can mean the difference between a good broker an outstanding broker. Providing clients with a go-to person who can get them whatever they…

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Top 5 Property Management Mistakes to Avoid

Property management in North Carolina can be a rewarding investment, but it often involves detailed agreements and a diverse clientele, which means that there is a lot of room for error. Here are five of the most common property management mistakes that property managers…

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How to Succeed With Short Sale Clients

As a new real estate broker, you may want to spend time researching the benefits of marketing to short sale clients. Successful short sale brokers can generate significant amounts of commissions in much shorter amounts of closing time. They often have very happy, relieved, and…

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Renovation Tips for New Homeowners

Unlike many major purchases, homes don’t come with instruction manuals. As a result, the possibility of error, especially when it comes to home renovations, is large. As a real estate broker, you can help new homeowners avoid making costly mistakes, creating repeat customers for…