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Real estate broker greeting an appraiser with a handshake to promote a positive appraiser-broker relationship

The Appraiser-Broker Relationship: What Real Estate Pros Need to Know

The struggle between appraisers and other real estate professionals can sometimes seem like a never-ending conflict. However, better communication between real estate brokers and appraisers could help to minimize problems. Both parties play key roles in the homebuying process, and it’s important for each…

tax tips for north carolina real estate brokers

5 Tax Tips for North Carolina Real Estate Brokers

Whether you do your taxes yourself using an online service such as TurboTax, or if you have a CPA to do them for you, here are some tips specifically for real estate brokers to keep in mind. Important tax tips for North Carolina real…

Young couple meeting with real estate professional to close a real estate transaction

Communication Tips for a Smoother Real Estate Transaction

Maintaining good communication with all parties involved in a real estate transaction makes closings smoother and faster. As a North Carolina real estate broker, you must act somewhat like a symphony conductor—coordinating the different players to achieve a successful transaction. It begins with the…