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How to Get Back into a Career in Real Estate

People move in and out of their real estate careers for a variety of reasons. Some spouses may move to support a partner’s career and choose not to launch in their new market. Some parents may choose to stay at home with their children…

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6 Things You Need to Know About Millennials

If you work with first-time homebuyers, chances are, you’re going to be working with Millennials. Who are millennials? They represent the biggest generation in history and the biggest group of homebuyers in America. As a real estate professional, you need to understand the Millennial generation.…

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11 Tips For Breaking Bad News to Clients

The world of buying or selling a home is not always joyful. Bad things happen—contracts fall through, inspections and appraisals come back with deal-breaking news, you need to drop the asking price, a buyer withdraws an offer. When those things happen, it will be…